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      retail design

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      ONEWE Design went to Japan for study tour in 2018

      Author: retail designissuing time:2018-10-13 17:08:07Views:1879SML

      For any retail designer, Tokyo is always an excellent studying place for its highly developed retail industry. Tokyo is like a rich mine, producing a masterpiece of design, refined service and avant-garde retail model . 


      From Sep,7th- Sep, 12th, ONEWE design went to Japan for the study tour.


      Guided by the famous commercial space designer,Mr. Lu Taicher, ONEWE design had smashed many famous commercial projects in Tokyo such as Omotesando hill, Ginza SIX, KITTE, Muji, Lemachi, Newoman, TokYuHands, Sensoji Temple, TSUTAYA Bookstore, TSUTAYA  Home Appliances, Sakae Tamagawa RISE, etc.


      Here are some pictures about the study tour in Tokyo, Japan.



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