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      retail design

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      ONEWE design will attend the 20th CHINA SHOP Retail Expo in 2018

      Author: retail designissuing time:2018-10-11 19:27:56Views:1819SML

      As the largest and most professional retail trade fair not only in China, but also the whole of Asia, CHINASHOP brings together China's top New Retail companies, retail design companies,commercial design companies. the 20th CHINA SHOP in 2018 will hold from November 1-3 in Kunming, Yunnan province. 

      As a cutting-edge retail design company, ONEWE design was invited and will join the important Expo to witness the development of the industry together.

      ONEWE design will attend 2018 the 20th CHINA SHOP Retail Expo

      As a professional retail design company with a team of international designers, ONEWE design engaged in retail design for several ten years and alway lead the innovation of retail design. ONEWE Design provides commercial space design solutions for many of the world's top 500 retailers. With a deep understanding of the retail industry and unique insights into the design of commercial space, ONEWE will appear at CHINASHOP bringing surprises to retailers in the industry!

      Address:Dianchi international convention and exhibition center
      Booth No.:Hall 4, No.4017

      ONEWE Design's looking forward to see you there!

      2018-10-11 1819Browse
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