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      retail design

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      "Business Design - Business Problem Solving Expert"

      ONEWE DESIGN is a commercial design company. It has won numerous awards in international design awards over the years. It is headquartered in Shenzhen and has offices in Beijing and Shanghai. ONEWE DESIGN provides retail design and strategic services. Professional research uses all the pipelines and design patterns to deliver a complete retail environment.

      As a team with 20 years of experience in merging many international retail brand services, "ONEWE DESIGN" is based on "customer orientation" and "sales" drivers and focuses on the creation of space for business planning and sales space.

      ONEWE DESIGN's mission is to bring international business consulting services to customers and guide them to improve the implementation of international standards and the implementation of commercial brands.

      We serve all aspects of commercial integration business strategies and business objectives for various formats and channels, and we work with a team of customers to create a sustainable market position through differentiated retail experiences.

      Business positioning Moving line planning Environmental graphics Decoration design Prop design Lighting Design Commercial decoration

    3. A professional team of over 70 retail designers
    4. More than 20 years experience in retail projects
    5. An average of 37 projects are completed each year
    6. 4 subsidiaries worldwide
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