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      retail design

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      • Position:Rendering designer

        Work description
        work description
        1. Drawing the renderings according to the materials and plans provided by the main case designer;
        2. Carry out the design, modification and project follow-up of the effect plan;
        3. Cooperate with the work of the master designer and the rendering designer to ensure that the design work plan is completed on schedule.

        4, can complete office buildings, hotels, clubs, boutique timeouts, shopping malls and other commercial space renderings.

        Job requirements
        job requirements
        1. Graduated from art design, art design, interior design, etc., college degree or above, more than 2 years experience in drawing renderings of large department stores, shopping centers, boutique supermarkets, etc., gender is not limited;

        2, tooling renderings performance design, can complete the hotel, club, entertainment, office, architecture, landscape effect drawing performance production tasks, grasp the design concept, design plan accurately, understand the position, can independently carry out the design plan rendering work;

        3. For the drawing of existing plan and elevation plan, the accuracy can reach more than 95%, the model has high precision, fast speed, strong control ability, effect picture quality and drawing effect, which can reach professional Excellent level of use for auditing, bidding and bidding;

        4, proficient in computer renderings, familiar with the application of a variety of new drawing software, proficient in Auto, CAD, 3DMAX (Vray), Photoshop and other related design software, proficient in various modeling, rendering and performance techniques, can be independent Efficiently complete the computer renderings required by the designer;

        5, work carefully, work positive, initiative, strong professionalism and good teamwork spirit.

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